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How to take care of VAR▴VAR jewelry?

How to take care of VAR▴VAR jewelry?

We have collected several tips on how to take care of jewelry

Remember that your jewelry should be cleaned regularly. At first, you need to sort out your jewelry whether it is bronze, silver, or gold. Also, don’t sleep in your jewelry. To keep your necklaces from getting tangled have your chains clasped.

The best ways to take care of gold jewelry

Gold is a soft metal which is why it is susceptible to damages. So we recommend you to remove golden jewelry from yourself while showering, bathing or swimming and doing any sports.

Also, to prevent your gold jewelry from luster you should avoid exposure to cleaning and cosmetic products. 

To keep it shiny, you should clean it regularly with warm water and soap and then scrub it gently with a very soft brush or use a jewelry polishing cloth. 

How to take care of the silver?

Sterling silver requires special care to preserve its appearance and longevity. The most important rule for silver is to keep it dry. Also, silver tarnishes when exposed to salty air, chlorine, sulfur, humidity, perspiration, cosmetics, household bleach, and other strong chemicals. That’s why take it before doing any activities connected with them.
Use a microfiber cloth or special jewelry cloth not paper towels to clean your items. Rinse the silver in warm water, blot it dry and polish it with another cloth.

If you have bronze jewelry the rules for taking care, and cleaning it is the same as for silver.

What to do with gemstones and synthetic ones?

Jewelry crafted from precious materials requires different special care and attention. To keep it safe you need to avoid exposing your diamonds, gemstones, etc. to variable temperatures, cosmetics, cleaning products, and chemicals. 

To clean gemstones you need to scrub them with a soft brush. Rinse the stone and dry it gently with the help of a soft cloth. Don’t forget to rinse your jewelry only in the bowl, because it can become loose in its frames. 

Such stones as amethyst, garnet, topaz, citrine, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond need special care, that’s why you need to be extremely careful with them.

Synthetic stones require the same care as gemstones, and, when well maintained, offer the same luster and magnificence as any natural gemstone.

What to do if something goes wrong?

If something serious happens to your jewelry or you don’t want to spoil your accessories we highly recommend you to visit the nearest jeweler. He will clean your rings, bracelets and necklaces, change size or put the stones back if needed.


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