How do we craft our jewelry?

The process of making our accessories:

  • Creating a sketch – the designer draws the first sketch of the future decoration on paper;
  • Creating a 3D model – a specialist creates a 3D model of the item in a graphics editor on a computer;
  • Creating plastic jewelry on a 3D printer or with a milling machine;

Some items can be crafted using one of the techniques: milling – to make simple ornaments, or printing on a 3D printer for more complex ones.

Printing on a 3D printer – jewelry is crafted from plastic to make a form after that.

A milling machine cuts a plastic product to make a form after that.


First, we take plasticine (play-dough) the size of a small box. Then the jewelers press the plastic jewelry into the mold so that its imprint remains in the plasticine. This is how the mold, or matrix, is made. It’s needed to make the same pieces of jewelry afterward;


Now when we have the form, we fill it with hot wax. After the wax hardens we have a prototype of the item. We repeat this process for several products. When we have 5-10 wax pieces of jewelry, we create a “fir-tree” from these decorations. “Fir-tree” is a construction made of wax, which looks like a tree of the same name. It also has a trunk and “branches”, at the end of which we attach models of wax ornaments.


When our “Fir-tree” with prototypes of jewelry is ready, we immerse it in a casting-box. The casting box has a cylindrical shape and is empty inside. A special mixture is poured into this crucible, which gradually hardens.

So, now, in this box, we have a form and the “tree”, the trunk of which is in the upper part of the casting-box. That’s where we pour hot metal. As a result – the wax melts and evaporates, and its place is taken by metal.

Jewelry processing:

Primary processing. At this stage, jewelry and extra pieces of metal are getting removed from the “fir-tree”

Grinding: the accessory is getting grinding to make it smooth

Soldering: If the ornament consists of several parts, the assembler rages it by heating the metals.

Blackening: the metal needs to be specially blackened so that every detail is noticeable. After this accessory gets a new grind, so the front part becomes silverish. Thus, the details will stand out against each other’s backgrounds: silver and black.

Polishing: for magical brilliance, masters polish almost ready-made jewelry.

Adding a stone: the finishing stage where jewelers add precious, semiprecious, or synthetic stones.

Why did we decide to make jewelry? Why did we start a company and started working in the jewelry market?

At the beginning of our history, we wanted to create quality jewelry for a narrow niche of customers. That’s why we created Viking, Biker, Marine, Egyptian collections. They were created on the basis of the interests of this narrow audience. Our brand used to be positioned primarily as male jewelry. Each item had its own hidden meaning and carried this meaning out to the masses, reproducing a certain ornament or symbol.

Our jewelry is unique, it has no analogs. Even though other companies are trying to create similar designs from ordinary steel, their quality and design do not match our high standards.

We used to strive to meet the needs of the audience with the quality of narrow-profile jewelry, but now we understand that we can and want more. We want to meet the needs of more people. Now when the quality of our jewelry has become almost perfect, we decided to think about creating the most precious jewelry for the most beautiful women around the world, because we want to emphasize the beauty, tenderness, and femininity of the female part of the planet with our accessories. We are convinced that thanks to our jewelry, every girl will feel like a Hollywood star. Our jewelry is giving all of our customers a perfect mood and self-confidence.

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