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VARVAR is a jewelry company with a legacy in jewelry manufacturing since 2014.
Our office and workshop are situated in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Previously recognized under the "Viking Workshop" brand we underwent a transformation until 2020. 
Distinguished by captivating artistry, our team is composed of Ukraine's finest jewelry artisans.
Propelled by our in-house design division, we consistently bring forth and execute the latest trends in jewelry craftsmanship.


Embracing Heritage and Innovation

Uniting history and modernity through unique jewelry collections inspired by the Viking era, ancient Egypt, Greece, and contemporary trends.

From historical legacies to nature's beauty, we craft adornments that reflect individuality and dynamism, bringing the past into the present with elegance and innovation.

On the other hand, our fashion collection celebrates the essence of the present and creativity. It is inspired by nature, the surrounding world, emerging trends, and the vision of new geniuses.

We craft jewelry that not only emphasizes individuality but also uplifts spirits, reflecting the dynamism of modern life.


100% Recycled Metals

We do not believe in disposable models or substandard materials. Our commitment is to meticulously craft every piece of 100% recycled 999 Silver, 24k gold, or platinum jewelry to ensure quality and sustainability.

By mixing this pure metals with alloys we get 925 silver, 10/14/18k gold, 950 platinum and other alloys. 

At VARVAR, we oversee the complete jewelry production journey – from the initial sketch of forthcoming pieces to the presentation of the final jewel in our signature branded packaging. 

Furthermore, we adorn our creations with both precious and semi-precious gemstones such as Amethysts, Citrines, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires, and more.
It's worth noting that, at VARVAR, we exclusively source precious gemstones from reputable gem suppliers. The stones come with certificates of quality.


100% Handcrafted Jewelry

We present exclusively innovative models and designs that impeccably align with the latest trends and current global fashion styles. 

Our foremost objective is to maintain exceptional jewelry quality and ensure utmost customer satisfaction. 

Our monthly jewelry production exceeds 5,000 pieces. Since 2014, we have crafted over 2,500 unique jewelry designs, garnering more than 10,000 positive reviews from our valued customers.


From Vision to Creation: Our Design Journey

Our jewelry's inception sparks from discussions, shaping our creative compass.

Initial concepts then evolve into sketches, where ideas take visual form, and promising ones are chosen. 
Chosen sketches transform into 3D models, bridging imagination and reality.

Prototypes manifest through 3D printing, allowing tactile assessment and fine-tuning. 
With a refined prototype, production commences, honoring our original vision.
Our design process fuses creativity, technology, and craftsmanship, culminating in jewelry that encapsulates stories and artistry.


"It all started with travels"

The idea for crafting historically-themed jewelry emerged after captivating trips with my wife. 

From Egypt to Greece, and Scandinavia, our journeys inspired collections connected to Viking sagas, Greek myths, and Egyptian legacies. 

During these travels, we realized the importance of preserving stories through unique jewelry.
From Egypt's mysticism to Greece's elegance, each place left a mark, driving us to create jewelry that radiates beauty and history. 

Our collections embody our journeys and passion for cultural roots, sharing fragments of history.

We hope they inspire you, guiding you through the captivating past.


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