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What to do if a VAR▴VAR ring does not fit?

What to do if a VAR▴VAR ring does not fit?

What to do if a VAR▴VAR ring does not fit?

Not an uncommon situation. Sometimes people just can’t get their size right. That is why we collected some recommendations on what to do in such a situation.

Our recommendations

To make it easier and faster we recommend you to visit the nearest jeweler. He will change the size for you as fast as he can 



Can we replace it? 

VARVAR offers an opportunity to replace any item that you’d like to return.
Articles are accepted for exchange if returned in a saleable condition within 30 days, in its original package. Some exclusions may apply.

If the client wants to return the ring to us, he needs to follow some steps in this way.

At first, the client needs to send the ring back to us and pay for the shipping. 

Then he needs to order a new ring of the right size and pay for the delivery.

After that, we will craft a new ring and ship it to the client.

When the first ring returns to us, we examine if the ring is intact or damaged. Then there are two options:

If the ring is intact, we will refund the customer for it. But if it is damaged, we do not refund the money, since we can no longer sell the first ring.

As a result, the client needs to pay for a new ring and for the shipping in both directions. 

If a customer ordered a ring of one size, and we mistakenly sent him a ring of a different size,  we ourselves will pay for the piece of jewelry and the shipping cost in both directions.

To exchange a ring for a new one, you need to fill out this form.

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